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    We’re celebrating the opening of “To Fly” – Louisville’s newest IMAX presentation. From graceful drifting aboard a hot air balloon to the powerful thrust of space shuttle engines, this classic film explores the human desire to gaze back at earth from aloft.

    During our parties on September 27 and 28 and October 1, the magnificent atrium at the Museum will be filled with the soaring, dipping, diving airplanes of the plucky pilots at the three special party screenings of “To Fly.” While you await your official launch, you had better study those tricky air currents and have a practice throw. Steel your nerves with pre-flight potables, and keep up your strength with Red Baron Pizza. Limber up your throwing fingers on tasty finger food, then aim carefully, and you may win the grand prize or one of other prizes awarded only to the patrons of the special screening parties. After trying your wings, take a seat for the flight of your life through the magic of IMAX. You and your Museum will be flying high through your participation in this unique event.

    Enclosed is a paper airplane for you to assemble. Bring it to the Museum of History and Science and launch it from the designated balcony flight deck. Come closest to the special target, and you and three guests will wing your way to Orlando, Florida, courtesy of Delta Airlines to see Walt Disney World and a Shuttle Launch from Cape Canaveral.

    To reserve your place on the flight line, fill out and return the enclosed card ASAP. Be sure to bring your aircraft with you, ready to fly (paper airplane engineers will be on stand-by to help with fine tuning), and you may be Louisville’s latest “Top Gun.”

    O.K., Ace. It's party time. Showtime. Time to see if you've got the right stuff to be the best paper airplane pilot in town.

    Fold the plane like this!

    Tickets are $35 a person.
    Wednesday, September 27 6:00 cocktails, 7:00 movie
    Thursday, September 28 6:00 cocktails, 7:00 movie
    Sunday, October 1 3:00 movie, 4:00 refreshments

    Plus, let your children celebrate flight in a special way on October 1 from 2:30 to 5:00. While you party, your children can create air crafts: balloons, gliders, kites, and more. The cost is $9.00 per child and includes materials, supervised activities, and refreshments, but not the movie. Call the Museum at 561-6111 before September 22 to reserve your space.

    Special thanks to General Dillman A. Rash.